Bon anniversaire

IMG3 27.11_0001They dance to Fela Kuti 

IMG3 27.11_0002

“If you call woman
African woman no go ‘gree
She go say I be Lady o”

IMG3 27.11_0004IMG3 27.11_0003

An exciting and glorious day I am sure.

The beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Twenty four years now, they continue to share the sunshine and dance in the rain.



Routine & repetition. The spiral design…


I sit reminising about a time I was preoccupied with drawing the same pretty spiral design, over and over.

“New piece of paper please, I need to draw the spiral again, but this time in lime green felt tip!!”

The spiral was my thing. Drew it millions of times and it was never boring. It meant something grand to me. I felt like the design was my expression as well as my inspiration. (… Albeit a fixation)

Little did I know I was drawing a mutant DNA double helix snowflake. Yum. #biologygeek

Nothing wrong with routine and repetition.


Beauty is undefined. Björk: Army of me

Please listen to Björk while you read…

“stand up
you’ve got to manage
i won’t sympathize

and if you complain once more
you’ll meet an army of me”

Hairy = unattractive, disgusting, unclean, uncivilised, etc …perceived as unanimously negative in society, right? and it’s quite irrational. (pause and think about it just for a minute..)

If you google search the function of body hair you will find that it plays a role in thermoregulation, hygiene, and sexual attraction (the later may surprise you). So in short hair is useful… and it’s not fair that one sex has a lot of pressure to get rid of it!

A potential solution to combat the negative associations with women’s body hair is to embrace and learn to love it!

If you wince at the sight of leg, armpit or pubic hair, it might be time to ask yourself what about it you find offensive. Or why it makes you so uncomfortable. Or what aspect of it disgusts you — and why? I originally had an image I created with an army of me on a beach ungroomed (with pubic hair) but this has now been cropped because my parents convinced me of the potential future negative consequences an image like that could bring… I got a bit carried away I guess. Anyways…

Currently, women don’t have an environment where they have a choice: to be ‘correct’ and appropriate in society you must remove your body hair. This is partly due to women who choose to shave contributing — even unwittingly — to the stigmatization of women who don’t… (hard to swallow, I know)

It would be nice if there was a space in society of all women and men to be free from society’s definitions of who they should be…

Beauty is undefined.



er… hello July

Er hello dolls,

I love July. July has always been an exciting month because it’s full of birthday cake. Dad first, then Brother and finally my birthday! (My mum bucks the trend, she is a september baby) What is life without homemade birthday cake right?!?!

Anyways I have had a little warm up with a friends birthday celebration yesterday! I indulged in creating a gift for hurr… and this is what I came up with. XO

Happy Birthday Simon x


Mark Twain er humorist!

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St Paul’s is pretty.


Stumbled upon Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 – 1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain, an American author and humorist. He wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885), the latter often called “The Great American Novel”. Nice one wikipedia! 😉

Anyways, he said some great stuff. Here are his top 10 quotes carefully ranked in a…




nine twice? why not.









…absolutely random order actually.


a salad of thoughts


– a page from scrapbook, Ancona summer 2011

Waiter: What can I get you young lady?

Young lady: Er…a salad of thoughts please.

Waiter: Kittens, why are they cute? What is cute? Beauty is personal? Feeling ‘correct?’ Culture, culture? good culture? bad culture? Disappointment and dependence. Solitude, observation and contempt vs respect. Guilt and distant ’empathy’ felt for the other by the privileged. Sleep and success. ‘deviant’ behaviour, outsiders and social problems. ….Suicide. Jealousy, suppression and desire. Crisis and life’s triggers. Bang BANG! Family and self improvement. Friends and misguidance. Contrast of perfection and realism, to self love? peer love? romantic love?.. #rupaul. Labels and definitions as shortcuts and stereotypes. Tools to understand. Eye contact and listening vs self indulgent expression. Love and freedom?

Waiter: Er.. can I get you anything else, young lady?

Young lady: Yes, please take the salad away and bring me bacon.

Waiter: But you always have bacon?

Young lady: exactly. Bacon makes everything better.

Thinking can feel like a waste of time and is often undermined…. but thinking can’t be a waste of time when applied as a process to achieve a thoughtful end. 


Your life? or the easy life…

er Hello society…

We are prisoners… unhappy discovering the stress and pressure you burden us with.

Many carry your wounds and never lick them.

Wait, sorry.

It’s dishonest to blame you, society. You, are the scapegoat; the real culprit is us. We are society. Thus we are our own prisoners…

The stories and ideals rooted in society are not spontaneous, they are what we tell ourselves….

How beautifully dark that we do not realise the harm of the stories we tell, despite our authorship?

No wonder self love is scarce and unthinkable to most. We are in the Dark. Blind leading the blind.

We could challenge the stories? analyse them…

..or continue to live the “easy” life where the same stories persist?

your life? or the easy life…


Women have body hair and it’s OK to wear it! Why have I never been told this story?


er… the 5 second rule in a completely new application.

Mel Robbins - Ted talk Photo: Mel Robbins, How to stop screwing yourself over.. er yeah you up there!

er Hello Chickens

While doing some work today I had Ted talks playing in the background. Around five minutes into one of the talks I pushed my work aside to watch. The talk is ‘How to stop screwing yourself over’. What’s great about this talk is Mel gives us practical solutions, one is ‘the 5 second rule’ (which has nothing to do with the non-scientific theory about food dropped on the floor * shakes head*).

I share this talk here because it is a great starting point from which my ideas and short essays will develop.

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