a salad of thoughts


– a page from scrapbook, Ancona summer 2011

Waiter: What can I get you young lady?

Young lady: Er…a salad of thoughts please.

Waiter: Kittens, why are they cute? What is cute? Beauty is personal? Feeling ‘correct?’ Culture, culture? good culture? bad culture? Disappointment and dependence. Solitude, observation and contempt vs respect. Guilt and distant ’empathy’ felt for the other by the privileged. Sleep and success. ‘deviant’ behaviour, outsiders and social problems. ….Suicide. Jealousy, suppression and desire. Crisis and life’s triggers. Bang BANG! Family and self improvement. Friends and misguidance. Contrast of perfection and realism, to self love? peer love? romantic love?.. #rupaul. Labels and definitions as shortcuts and stereotypes. Tools to understand. Eye contact and listening vs self indulgent expression. Love and freedom?

Waiter: Er.. can I get you anything else, young lady?

Young lady: Yes, please take the salad away and bring me bacon.

Waiter: But you always have bacon?

Young lady: exactly. Bacon makes everything better.

Thinking can feel like a waste of time and is often undermined…. but thinking can’t be a waste of time when applied as a process to achieve a thoughtful end. 


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