Beauty is undefined. Björk: Army of me

Please listen to Björk while you read…

“stand up
you’ve got to manage
i won’t sympathize

and if you complain once more
you’ll meet an army of me”

Hairy = unattractive, disgusting, unclean, uncivilised, etc …perceived as unanimously negative in society, right? and it’s quite irrational. (pause and think about it just for a minute..)

If you google search the function of body hair you will find that it plays a role in thermoregulation, hygiene, and sexual attraction (the later may surprise you). So in short hair is useful… and it’s not fair that one sex has a lot of pressure to get rid of it!

A potential solution to combat the negative associations with women’s body hair is to embrace and learn to love it!

If you wince at the sight of leg, armpit or pubic hair, it might be time to ask yourself what about it you find offensive. Or why it makes you so uncomfortable. Or what aspect of it disgusts you — and why? I originally had an image I created with an army of me on a beach ungroomed (with pubic hair) but this has now been cropped because my parents convinced me of the potential future negative consequences an image like that could bring… I got a bit carried away I guess. Anyways…

Currently, women don’t have an environment where they have a choice: to be ‘correct’ and appropriate in society you must remove your body hair. This is partly due to women who choose to shave contributing — even unwittingly — to the stigmatization of women who don’t… (hard to swallow, I know)

It would be nice if there was a space in society of all women and men to be free from society’s definitions of who they should be…

Beauty is undefined.



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