Bon anniversaire

IMG3 27.11_0001They dance to Fela Kuti 

IMG3 27.11_0002

“If you call woman
African woman no go ‘gree
She go say I be Lady o”

IMG3 27.11_0004IMG3 27.11_0003

An exciting and glorious day I am sure.

The beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Twenty four years now, they continue to share the sunshine and dance in the rain.



Routine & repetition. The spiral design…


I sit reminising about a time I was preoccupied with drawing the same pretty spiral design, over and over.

“New piece of paper please, I need to draw the spiral again, but this time in lime green felt tip!!”

The spiral was my thing. Drew it millions of times and it was never boring. It meant something grand to me. I felt like the design was my expression as well as my inspiration. (… Albeit a fixation)

Little did I know I was drawing a mutant DNA double helix snowflake. Yum. #biologygeek

Nothing wrong with routine and repetition.