Your life? or the easy life…

er Hello society…

We are prisoners… unhappy discovering the stress and pressure you burden us with.

Many carry your wounds and never lick them.

Wait, sorry.

It’s dishonest to blame you, society. You, are the scapegoat; the real culprit is us. We are society. Thus we are our own prisoners…

The stories and ideals rooted in society are not spontaneous, they are what we tell ourselves….

How beautifully dark that we do not realise the harm of the stories we tell, despite our authorship?

No wonder self love is scarce and unthinkable to most. We are in the Dark. Blind leading the blind.

We could challenge the stories? analyse them…

..or continue to live the “easy” life where the same stories persist?

your life? or the easy life…


Women have body hair and it’s OK to wear it! Why have I never been told this story?


er… the 5 second rule in a completely new application.

Mel Robbins - Ted talk Photo: Mel Robbins, How to stop screwing yourself over.. er yeah you up there!

er Hello Chickens

While doing some work today I had Ted talks playing in the background. Around five minutes into one of the talks I pushed my work aside to watch. The talk is ‘How to stop screwing yourself over’. What’s great about this talk is Mel gives us practical solutions, one is ‘the 5 second rule’ (which has nothing to do with the non-scientific theory about food dropped on the floor * shakes head*).

I share this talk here because it is a great starting point from which my ideas and short essays will develop.

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